Live May 2013

by Tommy D

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Recorded at a Queer Cabaret gig at Manning Bar.. I had a ball learning some sweet jazz covers and "cabaretifying" my sound..


released June 13, 2013

Romeo Is Bleeding by Tom Waits, Gee Baby by Don Redman.
All other songs by Thomas Dodd



all rights reserved


Tommy D Melbourne, Australia

"Tommy D, TOM.E.D, ThomEeeeDeeee! - The one-man-band!
Baby, that's some sweeeet Tom Waits shit! Only with beats, like he got shoved into hip-hop via a back alley beat-box jam seshun... niiiice".
TommyD - 0419 251 317 -
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Track Name: Dead Clown
I found this dead clown sitting at the bar, stalker walker on the rocks with a half-smoked cigar. He drunkenly abused me, said I'd never go far so i stubbed his smoke and drank his drink and put him in my car.
He was a dead clown, heading straight down.
When somebody thought, hmm he's been gone for a while, they caught him talking to vegetables in the grocery aisle, he said: "I need some of that black aspirin, drink a whole bottle, do my best only then, wontcha put me to the test".
Dead clown, heading straight down.
With his arms in his coat and his hand on the pocket and his eyes on the chemist door. With that one-way ticket to remove the remaining blemish holding back from the dreams he had before. To the town he wants to belong, and all the fire in his eyes. For the one he now can't have, shows his ways through the perils of desire, for the maid she threw in the anchor and all his memories, she hurled in the fire.
He was a dead clown, heading straight down.
Temptation temptress, tempt me with your timid tremble
Well I shoulda, and I woulda, I fucken coulda.
When you're a pusher, you're a begger, with a story like a dregger.
Even the legit ones with a shop for their stuff, go against the book so that they can make enough. Everybody's got to make their bread, it's dog eat dog to fill ya head. Delivering the fishes at 3am, bringing in the wishes through the atm.
Dead Clown, heading straight down.
Track Name: Cemetery Disco
Cemetery Disco
Rolling aluminium down the road, against the natural resistance code, pushing on the pedals beats the pedal to the metal and I'm aiming for the beach cause it's where I'd like to settle.
As loose as a clown on a mission uptown, to the park after dark, for a dippery slip on the slippery dip, don't be slack have a crack on the elephants back.
At the cemetery disco.
Young innocence let loose on the swings, you feel as free as the wings, on the toys that santa he brings.
As I was walking up the road I saw a man converse with a toad, he said "oh man you must make haste, and keep your eyes in front of your face!".
Rolling mercurinium down the walls, burning all the pages of the leather-bound-law. Lurking in the shadows stood a man by the door with a billiard for an eye and no hand but a claw. he said "beware your bombastic brovanity, inspired by insatiable insanity. Don't disturb the dead during the dance of disenchantity, this once was a house of god".
But I don't think jesus would approve anymore of the cemetery disco on the Abbey's floor.
Boogie down.
To the cemetery disco.
Track Name: Hey Now Boy
Hey hey now boy, why you wanna break that sweet girls heart, she been a good woman to ya, she deserve better than you go and break her heart, oh why you wanna break her heart.
Hey hey now boy, how you gonna let that pretty girl down, she really loves you, no pretty girl like it when love say goodbye, oh what you wanna let her down.
Hey Hey!
Hey hey now boy, when you gonna learn to love yourself, you gotta to fill that heart with pride, how you gon love someone else before loving yourself, oh you got to learn to love yourself.
Hey hey now boy.