Glisten Up

by Tommy D

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Some new music some old.
This February 2017 I release this music with immense pride! A first feat for me with some new technology that has enabled me to produce my own tunes beginning to end. Much happiness this bringeth me! With the newer tracks 'Perfectibility' and 'The Way That It Is' I set myself a challenge of recording all the parts to finishing production in one day. Thanks to Ableton Live the production side of this is possible, and thanks to years of practicing and not giving up, the performance side is possible. The other tracks involved some lovely collaborations with 2 awesomely talented friends. I plan to reach deep in my sack of old tunes and record more of them soon!
Please pay as you feel, or not, share and enjoy.
Thanks for listening.


released February 4, 2017

All songs written, performed, recorded and produced by Thomas Dodd
Dead Clown and Hey Hey Now feature Leslie Marsh on drums
Mafia Man features Matt Stonehouse on percussion and mandolin
Some parts recorded by Max Schollar-Root at Bandhaus studios
Artwork by Keshara
Feb 2017



all rights reserved


Tommy D Melbourne, Australia

"Tommy D, TOM.E.D, ThomEeeeDeeee! - The one-man-band!
Baby, that's some sweeeet Tom Waits shit! Only with beats, like he got shoved into hip-hop via a back alley beat-box jam seshun... niiiice".
TommyD - 0419 251 317 -
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Track Name: Dead Clown
I found a dead clown sitting at the bar, stalker walker on the rocks with a half-smoked cigar. Well he drunkenly abused me, said I'd never go far so i stubbed his smoke and drank his drink and put him in my car.
He was a dead clown, heading straight down.
When somebody thought, hmm he's been gone for a while, they caught him talking to vegetables in the grocery aisle, he said: "I need some of that black aspirin, drink a whole bottle, do my best only then, won'tcha put me to the test".
Dead clown, heading straight down.
With his arms in his coat and his hand on the pocket and his eyes on the chemist door. With that one-way ticket to remove the remaining blemish holding back from the dreams he had before. To the town he wants to belong, and all the fire in his eyes. For the one he now can't have, shows his ways through the perils of desire, for the maid she threw in the anchor and all his memories, she hurled in the fire.
He was a dead clown, heading straight down.
Temptation temptress, tempt me with your timid tremble
Well I shoulda, and I woulda, I fucken coulda.
When you're a pusher, you're a begger, with a story like a dregger.
Even the legit ones with a shop for their stuff, go against the book so that they can make enough. Delivering the fishes at 3am, bringing in the wishes through the atm.
Dead Clown, heading straight down.
Track Name: Hey Hey Now
Hey Hey Yeah Hey!!
Hey hey now boy, when you gonna go start living your dream?
You got a massive dream to be living, when will you kill that fear and start living your dream? Ooohh when you gonna live that dream..

Hey hey now girl, when you gonna get up and do it yourself?
You can be that babe with the skills, everybody loves a babe with skills.
You want a new culture you got to learn to do it yourself!

Hey hey now boy, when you gonna learn to love yourself?
Hey hey now friend, you gotta fill that heart with pride
You can be that babe with the skills
You got to fill that heart with pride
You got to learn to love yourself
How you gonna love someone else before loving yourself?

Hey hey now
Track Name: Mafia Man
I had a dream last night, I was a mafia man
Lived in a great big house with mafia plan

Come from a shadow land, raised with a gun in hand
I got a secret plan and a dark woman

Bear these scars upon my face
Teach them children where to play
Family ties caught me in threads
Turn me against an old friend
Track Name: Perfectibility
Perfectibility, perfectibility, plasticicity, are we really what we are?
Perfectibility, perfectibility, plasticicity, are we really our true nature?

Perfectibility, do we have stability
Improvement emotionally but can you give the quotient please
Perfectibility, do we have stability
Plasticicity you're rocking my electricity
Perfectibility, do we have stability
Improvement emotionally but can you give the quotient please
We can intensively rewire, creatively inspire, hopefully aspire to climb to a higher...

Improvement development, emotionally eloquent
Improvement development, in the fundamental element

Improvement development, emotionally eloquent
Development of movement, emotional improvement
Culture relevant, emotionally elephant
Training the development of the cerebellum
Well I realise the irony I bring it back to binary
The system needs development to stop mental confinary
Improvement development, emotionally eloquent
Culture acquisitional, enrichment circumstantial
Drifting with the cultural, perfectly natural
Change demonstrational, overly influential
Drifting with the cultural, perfectly natural
Improvement development, emotionally eloquent

Sing for me, play for me...

Expression of depression be necession to improve that emotional recession, resist that emotional regression, cause the damage might be permanent, attachment to maternal power, child don't cower
In the period critical life can be a little bit emotionally analytical

Expression of depression be necessity, to remove that emotional recessity, shining through like a recessive gene, so baby please express for me, express for me....

Don't frustrate try to communicate...
Our relationship can benefit with velocity if we both exercise a little bit of reciprocity..
Make yourself available to comfortability, learn yourself awareness to your own plasticicity, you won't regret it see, ride the release with fluidity.

The system needs consistent development to find you in your element
The system needs development to find you in your fundamental element.

Sing for me, play for me...
Track Name: The Way That It Is
Alone in the garden with no clear way
Here comes the worry what will people say
Without your magic I'm lost like a drip
Roll off the leaf and let reality slip
I'm losing the sunshine now where did you go
I shrink to bacteria unable to grow
I slip in the puddle and trip in the mud
I crawl through mandalas in search for above

I foresee the end now our time has come
Over compromised I'm ready to run
In light of the memory I'll break the cake
No winners feast just this bitter taste
Feeling so normal just the way that it is
Your disapproval the burn the guilt
Time to move on I need a vulnerable space
To process emotion embrace this change

I roll I choose this path
Now where will it go
I seek I try I learn
How can I go wrong